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Who  We  Are

MF Tours was born out of a love for logistics and a passion for seeing the figurative "tour puzzle" come together.

We operate as a full service remote touring and production company built out of 10+ years of touring experience and 15+ years of experience in the live events industry. We have been on the road at all levels of touring, covering vast genres and unique styles of events such as bus tours, van tours, fly dates, privates, festivals, clubs, theaters, and arenas. Our full range of contacts, which includes anyone from a trucking vendor to a special FX company to a travel agent, will help you get your tour off the ground and afloat when budget is of primary concern. From multiple trucks to a half-packed trailer to the back of the van, we have seen all 360 degrees of production types. Our past experience as musicians, venue staff and concert promoters gives us a comprehensive level of knowledge to see all sides of a touring operation. Our experience has spanned all genres and styles of music and has landed us on every corner of the globe, whether it be Moscow, Cape Town, Tokyo, Budapest, or Grand Rapids, Michigan.




We service managers, artists, agents, labels, or anyone who currently handles a touring act and does not have the time, resources, or finances to provide tour support. We specialize in conducting tour logistics for electronic artists, DJs, solo artists who travel alone, and artists/bands of all types who have small crews or combination roles (i.e. TM/FOH) and need assistance on the back-end details. We're built for artists without the budget for a sole tour / production manager on the road, taking into account the extra financial burden of payroll, hotels, international flights, visas, etc. We also work with artists who are on an upward trajectory and need to get tours in motion before the appropriate staff is hired. We take care of the advance, emails, tour strategy and logistics from afar so your client can focus on the music; so your TM/FOH/Driver isn't overworked; and so your management team or booking agency can focus on long term goals (not load-in times). MF Tours provides consistent and reliable tour support for artists who have inconsistent or sporadic schedules making it difficult to keep the same TM or PM on payroll.


MF Tours offers the following services for tours at all levels and shapes and sizes:

  • General tour consulting, directing, and strategizing from inception to execution

  • Advance (technical and non-technical) of all show components

  • Writing full tour riders from scratch or "frankensteining" riders from existing documents

  • Full travel logistics - booking vans/busses/trucks, flights, hotels, cars, trains, donkeys

  • Use of Master Tour™ software to create day-sheets and itineraries for everyone on the team

  • Tour budgeting and accounting including show settlements

  • Hiring of all audio/backline/lighting/video/staging and any necessary production elements

  • Arranging freight moves, carnets, storing equipment, and all inter-tour gear moves

  • Coordination of all press, radio, television, and publicity matters

  • Hiring of other tour crew from multiple network sources

  • 24 hour “TM on call” help line for emergency moments


Our rates are all dependent on the size and/or length of the tour and the day-to-day

demands, but we are willing to work within all budgets and fill all existing needs. 

Please get in touch to discuss further. We look forward to making your tour a success!




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